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We repair and install water heaters, water softeners & filtration across the valley

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Sewer Repair &

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We provide multiple innovative solutions to any type of sewer or drain problems

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Pipe corrosion
Pipe cracks
Pipe breaks
Tree root intrusion


Point repair lining
Descaling cast iron pipe
Pipe bursting replacement
No dig pipe repair and replacement

Patriotic Pledge

Honesty, Integrity, Worksmanship.

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Do The Job RIght 
The First Time

Simply meeting your expectations is not good enough. From start to finish, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you get unparalleled service and quality workmanship.
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Honesty & Integrity from Start to Finish

In an industry full of dishonest contractors, we’re changing the way homeowners see Plumbing companies. You’ll get full transparency and integrity with every interaction.
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Warranty Our Work With A Customer Guarantee

You can count on the work we do today to hold up tomorrow. No shortcuts, no subpar materials. We guarantee our work is nothing but exceptional.

What We Do DIfferently

To Improve Your Overall Experience:

Get a Text and Email notification when your appointment is set and when your tech is on his way.
Your time is valuable, so we book a 2 hour window for all appointments.
Your tech will ensure you know what he's doing every step of the way.
We provide inspection reports with pictures to document all findings and concerns.
Most repairs can be done same-day because we keep our trucks fully stocked.

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Don't Overpay and Ruin Your Landscaping


Large Equipment Needed
Landscaping Damage
No Plumbing or Water Access
Long Down Time


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Save Thousands
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No Dig Approach
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Little Damage to Landscaping
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Often Finished in a Day or Two
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Less Cleanup
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Lifetime Transferable Warranty
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Low Down Time
What is the difference between Trenched and Trenchless Repair Methods?
Instead of excavating a hole in your yard, we dig small holes at each end of the line to replace the pipe. This method helps keep your Phoenix home’s curb appeal intact and saves you unnecessary costs for landscaping or renovation.


No-dig epoxy, efficient plumbing repair solution.
Epoxy Resin is used as a rehabilitation method by creating a new pipe within the existing pipe. Trenchless pipe lining is the latest in trenchless technology. It saves time from digging up driveways, front yards, and flooring.
24 Hours

Same-Day Appointments Available

Don’t wait days to get the services you need, we’ll handle it now!

Our professionals understand that sometimes plumbing issues are urgent and need to be addressed sooner rather than later. We make it a priority to schedule our customers as soon as possible, with same-day appointments available. Call Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter for trenchless services in Phoenix and valley wide.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
★★★★☆ Update: The company came through for the second appointment at our house. They arrived on time and gave us a very reasonable estimate for the work we needed (much better than a competitor's estimate). Updating this review to reflect the company's professional response to the original issue.Anthony SziklayAnthony Sziklay ★★★★★ Thank you so much for your service. Everyone was so polite and professional. Don’t know what it would’ve done without you. Thank you.!!!CJ GandaraCJ Gandara ★★★★★ Always great service and friendly staffMonica GuerraMonica Guerra ★★★★★ I recently had a plumbing emergency! Water was being released back into our house from the underside of the toilet. I called 4 different places and none could come out the same day. I called this place and they said they could come within 30 minutes! They arrived right on time! They were able to fix my issue and were decently priced compared to other companies in the area. 100% recommend.Nicole AlvaradoNicole Alvarado ★★★★★ Online they had no appointments available for Sunday, but I called and left a message for Christine and explained my problem, and she called back and said if she had a technician free up, she'd call and let me know. I got the call at 2:00 that a technician would be by within the hour. David showed up on time, came in and assessed the situation, and went out to his truck and came back with what he needed to clear the clog on the bathroom sink that affected both kitchen sinks. He was professional, efficient and very quick! I asked additional questions and he'll be back to use the hydro-jet to clear the pipes of old sludge and muck. He didn't try to push that on me, I asked questions to make sure I wouldn't end up with future clogs, so he suggested that route.I'm very impressed with this group all the way around and highly recommend them!Nancy EagleyNancy Eagley ★★★★★ They came out less than an hour after I scheduled an appt.David GDavid G ★★★★★ Jason and his team have come through for me everytime. Last minute, or appointments he’s always there for my family. I really appreciate the work they do, and always watching out for customersVance TateVance Tate ★★★★★ Patriotic Plumbing is my new "go to" company for all my plumbing needs!!! I called for a toilet backup that was filling my shower and they were there super quick. Justin was extremely knowledgeable and super nice. Glad he enjoyed our "cause" of the clog...haha..Work was done quickly and professionally. I highly recommend this company!Melissa SadowskiMelissa Sadowski ★★★★★ Arrived sooner than expected and did a great job. Will use again.Denny StuckerDenny Stucker ★★★★★ Very knowledgeable and quick. Did great work , very professional.Keith KaschalkKeith Kaschalk ★★★★★ Patriotic Plumbing replaced our entire orange burst main septic line in our 1950s house. Jason came out with Tyler and gave us a professional evaluation for a trenchless main septic line replacement. The following days Henry, Juan, Tony and David completed the job expeditiously and were super friendly along the way. Henry was outstandingly exceptional as he prepared our floor protective paper, he made a centerline with tape in the middle of it, so our kids had a race track for their RC cars. They really appreciated that, and so did we! Great service, fair pricing, and professional people!Will use again!Ben CurtinBen Curtin ★★★★★ We called out patriotic plumbing, because our shower and tub were being backed up really bad. We had another company come out when we heard and seen the gurgling in our toilets and heard it from our kitchen sink. The other guys wanted over 4K patriotic plumbing came out this evening after hours, and put their camera inside the pipes, and cleaned us out and we also found out that the previous plumber had made up a picture saying our pipe was cracked, when that is not the case according to what we seen in the camera. The owner of the company himself and his wife came out because he lives not too far from me. The work was thorough and quick, he knew what he was talking about. Will be reaching out in the future. Thank you very much for coming out and saving the evening!Jack J Raizin USN (SCW)(RET)Jack RaizinJack Raizin ★★★★★ Justin came out within an hour of us calling for a water leak in our ceiling. He was super polite, informative, helpful, and professional. My cracked pipe from my upstairs shower was fixed within an hour or two and at a cost less than half of what I was expecting! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!Laurie TLaurie T ★★★★★ My service experience with Patriotic Plumbing and rooter was awesome.It was so nice to have friendly customer service from Christine and Justin the tech was friendly , prompt and so thorough - it was a relief to pay a fair price for such great service.I called a few plumbers and quoted me such high price for a 2 minute job -Patriotic is #1!Deanna DaltonDeanna Dalton ★★★★☆ The service techs did a great job, good quality work. I’m very happy with the outcome. A little pricey for a simple job and they were 30 mins late.Cory SimpsonCory Simpsonjs_loader

Valley Wide Services

Valley Wide Map
Flat Rate Pricing
Flat Rate
Day and night, plumbing and rooter services.
No Fuel Fees or Night
& Weekend Charges

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20% Off for Military,
Veterans, & Senior


Root Intrusion

Root intrusion happens when tree or plant roots have worked their way into your sewer line system causing sewer line back-ups.


If your toilets, showers, and/or sinks constantly clog up even after simple plumbing fixes

Multiple services

Do you have to have plumbers out often? If yes, it may be time to look deeper into the problem. If other plumbing services don’t work it may be time to look into line repair/replacement.


If your neighbors are having problems, it is possible that you will too. We serve the city Phoenix and all surrounding areas.


Generally houses 50 years and older without major repairs can be susceptible to major plumbing problems.
Home Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement
5-star service, excellence in plumbing solutions.

Phoenix Plumbing & Rooter Service

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When dealing with sewer line damage, homeowners may have to sacrifice landscaping efforts just to have it repaired. The yard you decorated for so long may have to be destroyed to create a trench for pipe experts to repair sewer line damage.
This situation is certainly something you don’t want. Luckily, we offer an alternative method to keep your Phoenix landscaping efforts untouched and that solution is called trenchless sewer pipe replacement.
Compared to traditional methods, trenchless sewer pipe replacement offers more benefits, such as:
Saves you time, money, and effort because it does not require structural modification or costly digging equipment
No yard modification is required as you get to keep your decorative landscaping efforts and yard structural integrity intact
Environmentally friendly as there is no need to dig below the earth or remove plants and trees that may affect the surrounding ecology
Ready to reap the benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Solutions in Phoenix? Contact us today for a free quote!
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

Drain Cleaning

+ Camera Inspection

If we can’t clear your drain, you don’t have to pay
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Sewer Repair &

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Hydro Jetting

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Leak Detection

w/ Any Water Line Repair
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Second Opinion

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Full Service Plumbing Company - Quality Guaranteed
Faucet Leaks
Garbage disposals
Kitchen & bathroom Upgrades
Video camera inspections
Shower & Tub Installation
Septic Services
Toilet repairs and replacement
Pressure valve services
Slab leak detection

Why Choose Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter?

ROC# 339467

When it comes to trenchless sewer and pipe replacement, Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter remains unmatched as we specialize in the following:
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Septic to city sewer connection transition jobs
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Replacement or repair for any size of lines
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No extensive digging required
We have experienced technicians and cutting-edge technology to implement top-rated trenchless sewer and pipe replacement in Phoenix. Our team at PPR believes that you deserve only the best service, and we aim to provide such performance.
Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter leads the industry in residential and commercial plumbing repairs in Phoenix. We aim to complete our jobs in a timely manner. That way no matter the service you aren’t left without your home's basic necessities.
Speaking of installing, we are known for our impressive and super clean installations. This excellence results from our desire to find innovative solutions, plus the need to go above and beyond, so you can get honest plumbing at a fair price.
BBB Exceptional Service and Workmanship badge.

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