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We repair and install water heaters, water softeners & filtration across the valley

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Sewer Repair &

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We provide multiple innovative solutions to any type of sewer or drain problems

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Pipe corrosion
Pipe cracks
Pipe breaks
Tree root intrusion


Point repair lining
Descaling cast iron pipe
Pipe bursting replacement
No dig pipe repair and replacement

Patriotic Pledge

Honesty, Integrity, Worksmanship.

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Do The Job RIght 
The First Time

Simply meeting your expectations is not good enough. From start to finish, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you get unparalleled service and quality workmanship.
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Honesty & Integrity from Start to Finish

In an industry full of dishonest contractors, we’re changing the way homeowners see Plumbing companies. You’ll get full transparency and integrity with every interaction.
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Warranty Our Work With A Customer Guarantee

You can count on the work we do today to hold up tomorrow. No shortcuts, no subpar materials. We guarantee our work is nothing but exceptional.

What We Do DIfferently

To Improve Your Overall Experience:

Get a Text and Email notification when your appointment is set and when your tech is on his way.
Your time is valuable, so we book a 2 hour window for all appointments.
Your tech will ensure you know what he's doing every step of the way.
We provide inspection reports with pictures to document all findings and concerns.
Most repairs can be done same-day because we keep our trucks fully stocked.

Does It Matter?


Don't Overpay and Ruin Your Landscaping


Large Equipment Needed
Landscaping Damage
No Plumbing or Water Access
Long Down Time


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Save Thousands
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No Dig Approach
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Little Damage to Landscaping
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Often Finished in a Day or Two
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Less Cleanup
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Lifetime Transferable Warranty
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Low Down Time
What is the difference between Trenched and Trenchless Repair Methods?
Instead of excavating a hole in your yard, we dig small holes at each end of the line to replace the pipe. This method helps keep your Phoenix home’s curb appeal intact and saves you unnecessary costs for landscaping or renovation.


No-dig epoxy, efficient plumbing repair solution.
Epoxy Resin is used as a rehabilitation method by creating a new pipe within the existing pipe. Trenchless pipe lining is the latest in trenchless technology. It saves time from digging up driveways, front yards, and flooring.
24 Hours

Same-Day Appointments Available

Don’t wait days to get the services you need, we’ll handle it now!

Our professionals understand that sometimes plumbing issues are urgent and need to be addressed sooner rather than later. We make it a priority to schedule our customers as soon as possible, with same-day appointments available. Call Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter for trenchless services in Phoenix and valley wide.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
  • 5-star rating, representing exceptional service quality.
    “Working with the Patriotic Team was such a great experience. I highly recommend them if you’re having any issues in your home. They are fast, attentive & efficient. They continued to reassure me that I was in good hands, couldn’t be any happier will definitely use their services again !”
    yvette arellano
★★★★★ Technicians were prompt, courteous, repairs were promptly completed and would not hesitate to call Patriotic Plumbing and Rooter service again.Martha VegaMartha Vega ★★★★★ Top notch work! Did exactly what they said they would. Cleaned up daily and ensured the work site was safe. Would highly recommended them to anyone needing service.Thomas TurnerThomas Turner ★★★★★ Dave was wonderful and it is great to have hot water again.Frank NeissFrank Neiss ★★★★★ David Dias was very professional and knowledgeable. His was courtesy and prompt.Also the BEST service fee in Phoenix!!!Dorothy IngramDorothy Ingram ★★★★★ We moved into a home and soon discovered that there was an issue with our sewer pipe. The first company that came out did a quick snake and claimed it was roots with the plan to trench. We had to wait another week to hear back from them while our system was backed up. We decided to get a second opinion and called Patriot. Jason came out right away, gave us an assessment and then later that night Tanner showed up to jet and clean out the line. He was great to deal with and extremely friendly. He was also proud of the work he did. Today Jason and team came out for a follow up scope and we were pleased to discover that he figured out the issue. He was truly professional and helpful. We are really thankful to have been taken care of by Jason, Tanner and the Patriot team. Highly recommend them!Amedeo BernardiAmedeo Bernardi ★★★★★ I can’t say enough about these guys. Polite and professional service. They showed up, looking like professionals and acting like professionals, very honest assessment of the situation. I couldn’t be happier highly recommend these guys.jaderok72jaderok72 ★★★★★ I've used Patriotic Plumbing for a couple of emergency situations and I am very pleased with the service they provide. Scheduling is very easy, they work with you to get you serviced as quickly as possible. The technicians are extremely professional, they quickly access the situation, and give you a fair quote. The work is completed in a very timely manner and the entire process is painless. Our most recent experience, Matthew showed up well within the quoted window, he was very courteous and respectful of my home. He completed his work in a very short time.Patriotic Plumbing cares about their clients and I won't call anyone else.Lisa CalzarettaLisa Calzaretta ★★★★★ The guy that came to our house was very efficient, kind, courteous, solved the problem immediately and was very professional.Jared GanbargJared Ganbarg ★★★★★ Thank you David so much for coming over on such a short notice, you were absolutely amazing with the quality of work that you provided. You were clean and very professional. Thank you Patriotic Plumbing for your amazing service.heather gonzalesheather gonzales ★★★★★ Prompt service and Jason, Matthew, Henry and David were awesome.Felix BercesFelix Berces ★★★★★ Patriotic Plumbing was half the cost of 2 other quotes I received and 2 other plumbers wanted to trench through the house! They used pipe bursting method so it was less invasive. Joe did most of the work and worked his tail off and did a great job. He was great about keeping our house as clean as possible. The 2 other plumbers (don't remember their names) did a great as well! We are super pleased how the whole process worked out and our sinks drain again!Mike BettsMike Betts ★★★★★ We had a collapsed drain in a basement shower. Patriotic busted out the floor in the closet next door and dug under the shower to repair the broken line. Job took about seven (7) hours. Final bill was quite fair and did not stray from the estimate. I have a new go-to plumber. We have a problematic kitchen drain that will be expensive to repair. Patriotic will get that work, too.That Guy In the DesertThat Guy In the Desert ★★★★★ The service was fast, and very knowledgeable. I recommend this company 100%. Affordable, and very responsible.Diana ByDiana By ★★★★★ David did an amazing job of fixing a leak that I had at our home. He came same day and last minute and really took away a lot of stress because it was causing puddles in my driveway. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and I will continue to use the service whenever I need, anything plumbing wise.Cinimin LascolaCinimin Lascola ★★★★★ From the first phone call I made and spoke with Jazz(maybe Jas), I knew this was going to be a good experience (well, as good as major plumbing project can be). Jason and his side kick, Joe, came out right away and started looking at my issues. It was not good. Jason made all the arrangements to destroy my house and put it all back together again.Our Navy SEAL destruction team was Ralph and David. David did a great job for us and comes highly recommended, but Ralph was simply amazing. He is one of the hardest working young men I have ever met. In addition, he called all the family members by name (even the dogs). He was polite and cordial and always kept us updated on his progress and problems. When completed, there was extra work done to make sure we had smooth running updated plumbing.This turned out to be a much bigger job than anticipated and I fully expected there to be additions to the bill. Despite the extra work, they stayed true to the original reasonable quote. I highly recommend Patriotic Plumbing and Rooter. Make sure you ask for wreck it (then fix it) Ralph...Scott CasteelScott Casteeljs_loader

Valley Wide Services

Valley Wide Map
Flat Rate Pricing
Flat Rate
Day and night, plumbing and rooter services.
No Fuel Fees or Night
& Weekend Charges

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Root Intrusion

Root intrusion happens when tree or plant roots have worked their way into your sewer line system causing sewer line back-ups.


If your toilets, showers, and/or sinks constantly clog up even after simple plumbing fixes

Multiple services

Do you have to have plumbers out often? If yes, it may be time to look deeper into the problem. If other plumbing services don’t work it may be time to look into line repair/replacement.


If your neighbors are having problems, it is possible that you will too. We serve the city Phoenix and all surrounding areas.


Generally houses 50 years and older without major repairs can be susceptible to major plumbing problems.
Home Trenchless Pipe Repair and Replacement
5-star service, excellence in plumbing solutions.

Phoenix Plumbing & Rooter Service

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When dealing with sewer line damage, homeowners may have to sacrifice landscaping efforts just to have it repaired. The yard you decorated for so long may have to be destroyed to create a trench for pipe experts to repair sewer line damage.
This situation is certainly something you don’t want. Luckily, we offer an alternative method to keep your Phoenix landscaping efforts untouched and that solution is called trenchless sewer pipe replacement.
Compared to traditional methods, trenchless sewer pipe replacement offers more benefits, such as:
Saves you time, money, and effort because it does not require structural modification or costly digging equipment
No yard modification is required as you get to keep your decorative landscaping efforts and yard structural integrity intact
Environmentally friendly as there is no need to dig below the earth or remove plants and trees that may affect the surrounding ecology
Ready to reap the benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Solutions in Phoenix? Contact us today for a free quote!
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

Drain Cleaning

+ Camera Inspection

If we can’t clear your drain, you don’t have to pay
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Sewer Repair &

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Hydro Jetting

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Leak Detection

w/ Any Water Line Repair
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Second Opinion

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Full Service Plumbing Company - Quality Guaranteed
Faucet Leaks
Garbage disposals
Kitchen & bathroom Upgrades
Video camera inspections
Shower & Tub Installation
Septic Services
Toilet repairs and replacement
Pressure valve services
Slab leak detection

Why Choose Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter?

ROC# 339467

When it comes to trenchless sewer and pipe replacement, Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter remains unmatched as we specialize in the following:
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Septic to city sewer connection transition jobs
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Replacement or repair for any size of lines
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No extensive digging required
We have experienced technicians and cutting-edge technology to implement top-rated trenchless sewer and pipe replacement in Phoenix. Our team at PPR believes that you deserve only the best service, and we aim to provide such performance.
Patriotic Plumbing & Rooter leads the industry in residential and commercial plumbing repairs in Phoenix. We aim to complete our jobs in a timely manner. That way no matter the service you aren’t left without your home's basic necessities.
Speaking of installing, we are known for our impressive and super clean installations. This excellence results from our desire to find innovative solutions, plus the need to go above and beyond, so you can get honest plumbing at a fair price.
BBB Exceptional Service and Workmanship badge.

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